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CrossFit Women in 2020

Welcome to the world of CrossFit - a fresh, authentic lifestyle that's adored by women worldwide and underpinned by effective and safe exercise, and sound nutrition.

Around the world, women are finding CrossFit to be an incredibly effective way to build their strength, fitness, and confidence. And when it comes to equality, women CrossFitters certainly expect an equal world. Mastering physical and mental excellence is a non-gender-specific arena. Personal bests, elite performance, pushing beyond limits - women are certainly striving forward at an incredible pace.

CrossFit rose to fame a few years ago after the commencement of box gyms across the U.S. and the whole world. Being a massively followed sport, CrossFit is practiced by enthusiasts in over 120 countries and over 13000 affiliated gyms. For example, the U.S. has over 7000 gyms alone that offer intense programs and over 4 million athletes train regularly to push their fitness regimen. Their commitment towards the sport and towards maximizing fitness is almost similar to that of a cult and their passion for the sport speaks volumes through their fitness routine.

Wondering if this program might be the one for you? Before you leap on headfirst into the sport, it is important you know the complete background and the risks involved to see if it’s the right fit for you.

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CrossFit is a form of HIIT training that involves conditioning and strength workouts to enable movement at high intensities.

By using movements that you use in your everyday life, such as pulling, squatting, pushing, running etc. These movements are used in combinations that are bound to get your metabolism up and going in no time. These variations of weight lifting, push-ups and squats enable quick muscle buildup. It is very different from any form of a traditional workout and is much more intense. CrossFit enthusiasts train for years to reach the level of fitness needed to succeed at this sport.

According to experts, the efficiency of the workouts is due to their emphasis on speed, load and distance that enable the participants to develop excellent fitness and power by utilizing different forms of equipment such as bikes, rowers, kettlebells, medicine balls, rings, speed ropes and much more!

You can get a lot more information about the workout from their site. Tracey Margret, head of performance clan of CrossFit said that “CrossFit is universally scalable and modifiable for all fitness levels, so it can be tailored to meet your goals and current fitness level,”

CrossFit embodies the essence of competition and sports. Gyms across the world use symbols of accomplishment such as scoreboards and posting the ‘Winner of the week’. This reward system motivates the athletes to work even harder! If you’re one of those competitive individuals that love to push yourself, this is the sport for you! Get fast results and reach the absolute epitome of your fitness through these CrossFit Exercises.

What to avoid

Because it is a high-intensity workout, the chances for risk are very high. Research shows that up to 20 percent of CrossFitters injure themselves whilst training.

“The injury rate of CrossFit is about 20 percent, meaning 20 percent of people who perform CrossFit branded workouts regularly will be injured at some point, which is high for a recreational activity," says Cuyler Hudson. "I see CrossFitters regularly in my physical therapy practice. Injuries will usually occur as athlete fatigue, which causes their form to also fatigue, causing the load to be shifted from the areas it is supposed to be to areas that cannot handle the stress as well.”

Keep an eye on your form. According to CrossFit experts, having proper form is essential to achieving fitness and preventing injuries. The biggest things you want to watch out for is rounding at the lumbar spine (low back), and an increased forward translation of the knees during exercises like squats and deadlifts. Rounding in the low back causes a huge load on the muscles and ligaments in the low back, which it's not designed to handle. The same is true for the knees, if they are moving forward over the toes as you squat, the load on the knee becomes huge, and many knees just can't handle it. Both of these most commonly occur as compensation for a lack of mobility and stability in the hips or ankles.

Choose the right gym/coach. The CrossFit exercises are not to blame, they are all great exercises when performed properly. Inexperienced coaches tend to increase the frequency and volume of the exercise very quickly. This leads in the athletes forming fatigue through the repeated repetitions for the exercise. It is very important that CrossFit Athletes pick the right coaches and learn the correct form. Scroll through a list of gyms/trainers in your area and choose wisely in order to kick things off accordingly. You can also ask for suggestions from successful CrossFit trainers and athletes, the community is very helpful!

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Tia-Clair Toomey, Sara Sigmundsdóttir, Kristin Holte, Tasia Percevecz, Jamie Simmonds, Kara Pearce - there are a lot of big names in the sport, yet CrossFit is just as welcoming to the sheer beginners - and that's part of its beauty.

Aspiring to the elite performance of the CrossFit champions set a high bar - and the CrossFit Open that sees sheer stamina and ultimate strength is an incredibly major competitive sporting event followed by sell-out audiences and massive Instagram fans.

Equally welcoming is the strong, collegial CrossFit culture that values teamwork, commitment, and tenacity. CrossFitters seem to have an inherent ability to remain incredibly supportive and motivating for each other. And the varied workouts mean everyone can find their forte.

Quite honestly, the stuff that these incredible women in CrossFit can do is amazing! Their passion is evident as they perform all types of exercises and push themselves to the maximum possible limits to get the best results! With it’s an all-inclusive attitude, many women find it very comfortable to communicate and motivate each other in the community.

Plus, CrossFit welcomes great diversity in its membership - from university students to grandmothers, from career breaking moms to busy professionals - participants are truly a wide mix.


It is always inspiring to see women achieving on many fronts and Australia's Katelin Van Zyl is one such woman. An ambitious athlete, her journey through motherhood and business is impressive. Not only has Katelin previously been ranked second Fittest Woman in Australia - behind Tia-Clair Toomey - in 2019 and 31st worldwide, all while raising her toddler and running two gyms with her husband and business partners in sunny Queensland.

Katelin was a former Australian Hockeyroo, a sport she played for 22 years, so enjoying the competitive sport is very familiar to her.

"Never give up with whatever dream you've got, whether it's fitness or any kind of sport don't give up, ever," says Katelin.


Founder of BoxMate, Danny Redfern, said: "Fitness and strength is something to be celebrated and being strong is beautiful. Strength comes in all shapes and sizes - health, fitness, and feeling good about yourself should be the goal for all of us ... let us stop. It is OK to tell a woman that she is 'too muscly' and instead, celebrate everyone equally for wanting to push and challenge themselves. Let's ditch the stereotypes that 'muscles are just for men' and celebrate women for what they can do, and not what they look like.'

With over 15,000 facilities across more than 160 countries worldwide, Cross Fit communities continue to attract women of all backgrounds. Many stories, common goals.

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With the pandemic wreaking havoc across the globe, the virus messed up the entire schedule of the 2020 October games as the games had to be reduced, only the Top 20 CrossFitters were invited to compete, both in the Male and Female Division.

The male CrossFitters invited include popular Canadian and American Athletes such as Mat Fraser, Patrick Vellner, Jacob Heppner, Cole Sager, and Noah Ohlsen. The trouble lies with athletes outside of North America due to travel restrictions. For example Russia’s Roman Khrennikov and Iceland’s Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson.

The female CrossFitters experienced a much larger impact since there are only 8 athletes present in North America. These included Tia Clair Toomey, Kari Pearce, Brook Wells, Dani Speegle, and Carol-Ann. Similar to the male end, due to travel restrictions incredible athletes such as Kristin Holte, Laura Horvath, Emma McQuaid, Sara Sigmundsdottir, and many more were excluded from the games.

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